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Introducing our selection of mechanical mods and RDAs/RBAs by VICIOUS ANT. Mechanical mods are unregulated, meaning: no safety features and no regulations. Mechanical mods are specifically made for users who desire that massive vapor cloud. Vicious Ant provides clean, sophisticated, and even intoxicating masterpieces that result in the user creating an excessive, smooth, and raw vape. Fall into the sweet, seductive nebula of vapor that is Vicious Ant.

Though you can use a mechanical mod with a standard tank (one that doesn't need to be rebuilt), users typically get this type of unit for a rebuildable atomizer or tank (a unit that you build yourself to have as low of a resistance as you prefer).


Any rebuildable atomizer or tank is intended for advance users ONLY. Users must have knowledge of electronics and be aware of the safety risks involved if you are inexperienced. Rebuildables must be tested carefully with an oHm reader before used, and if not tested, could result in a faulty coil/wick and be a severe hazard. Faulty wicks have also been known to destroy electronic devices.


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  1. Vicious Ant Kraken (RBA)

    1 x Vicious Ant Kraken (Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, or Gold)
    1 x Allen Wrench
    2 x Stainless Steel (SS) Cable
    1 x 400 Stainless Steel (SS) Mesh
  2. Vicious Ant Prodigy Hybrid RDA for use with Phenom Mod Only Vicious Ant Prodigy Hybrid RDA for use with Phenom Mod Only

    Vicious Ant Prodigy Hybrid RDA for use with Phenom Mod Only

    1 x Vicious Ant RDA for use with Phenom Mod.
    Solid brass contact
    1 x Accessories kit (Allen key tool, screws, and O-rings)
    The Vicious Ant Prodigy is a proprietary Hybrid RDA machined specifically for the Authentic Vicious Ant Phenom Mod. Producing an absurd amount of flavor this design allows you to flip open the rda to access the posts or "cotton coil build" providing a convenience compared to other RDA's where you typically pull off the cap to get your juice loaded or dripped into your cotton coils. A great addition to any Vicious Ant Phenom Fan. Multiple air flow adjustment points allow users to create the perfect air-to-vapor ratio. Single coil or dual coil build optional with a deep dish bowl preventing seepage which is a common problem with most open bowl RDA's. Vicious Ant has taken the time to resolve the short comings of other RDA's on the market with this hybrid version made for their Phenom Mods.

    Regular Price: $100.00

    Special Price $50.00

  3. Vicious Ant Silverback Mod

    The Silverback is fully mechanical and sized specifically for an 18500 battery. Battery is not included with this mod, must be bought separately.
    1 x Vicious Ant Silverback Mod
  4. Vicious Ant Variant YKS Battery Power Adapter Cord

    Battery connection adapter for Vicious Ant Variant, So you don't have to solder your battery connection terminals. Works for Vicious Ant Titanium and YKS Battery
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5 Item(s)

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